Gway is a GREEN Google Apps reseller & API integration solution provider for small to medium businesses, featuring an Gateway Portal for daily business activity enhancing, our Gateway aims to develop the business service, communication, internal control, CRM and daily business analysis based on the company’s real-time position,  and allowing the customers to benefit from the hundred of business apps developed for Gmail. Gway is a Australia leading API solution provider, with expertise in business establishment, and vast knowledge in the API world, allowing us to control almost every aspect of daily business activity.

Our Gateway Portal uses existing systems such as MYOB, Eway, Gmail, and integrates all the different systems into one portal for easy access and simpler user interface.

Gway provides businesses with a Gateway Portal through the Google Apps (Gmail) and API integration to help businesses migrate into Google apps, MYOB and assisting with transferring existing data into the new Google and/or MYOB, we also help new businesses in their start up process from A to Z, we supply all means of support to ensure that the fresh business are guided into the right track without falling into to much overhead costs.

Our Gateway portal has been running since the 2009, starting with just privately owned and operated businesses to hundreds of business using our services in their daily business activity.

Gway is an Australian owned and operated company, allowing the benefits to flow back into the Australia community, and help saving the environment by lower the carbon emission and helping Google with there green server strategy as well as reducing the need for paper and printing given the real-time sharing supplied by Google documents merged with our Gateway portal service.